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I have entered the Yorkshire Marathon 2018 that is being held on 14th October 2018 in York.

A marathon is 26.2 miles. It will be my fourth full marathon and my third time that I have done this course. I also completed Manchester Marathon in 2017, and the Yorkshire Marathon previously in 2014 and 2015.

Yorkshire Marathon route

Yorkshire Marathon route

Fundraising Page

I am raising funds for the Alzheimer’s Society. I hope you would like to help support me and them by contributing to my fundraising total. Please visit my fundraising page – https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/richard-lord-online

Weekly Updates

This section will feature updates on how my training is going so far and the ups and downs along the way! Marathon training takes a lot of time, commitment and sacrifices. It isn’t easy, and it sure won’t be this time either, especially as I haven’t ran so much in the last 12-18 months.

THIS WEEK –16th – 22nd July (12 weeks to go) – This week, my target is a thirteen mile run. I also need to be sensible as I come back from my enforced rest of twelve days. I know that I won’t be completing my 110m target for the month, but in these 12 weeks I aim to have clocked up over 300 miles leading up to marathon day from now. You need to set a target and a goal to aim for. I need to bounce back from this downtime and get back on the horse so to speak. Hang on, I might be faster on a horse! 🙂

Check back at the end of the week for this week’s training update.

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Previous Weeks

9th – 15th July (13 weeks to go) – Total miles 3.81m (longest run 3.81m). Unfortunately my pain and migraines continued into this week too. I was off work all week and was on two lots of antibiotics, saw the dentist for a second time and saw the doctor twice. By Sunday, I managed to squeeze in my comeback run. It was 25 degrees and very warm, but I took it steady and carefully and realised that I will benefit more from the rest I have had if I am sensible about how I up my miles in the next few weeks. Patience is a virtue, and now is a time to be virtuous.

2nd – 8th July (14 weeks to go) – Total miles 3.11m (longest run 3.11m). It was Robert Burns who once said “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” The meaning of which is that no matter how much you plan, there will always be things that go wrong somewhere on the way. This week I was not well and could only manage the one run. It was the Jayne Tomlinson Methley Canal 5k and I got a course PB by 15s which I was chuffed with, especially as I had been dosed up on painkillers all day! Needless to say, I didn’t run again that week and ended up being off work with dental pain and migraines.

25th June – 1st July (15 weeks to go) – Total miles 28.03m (longest run 9.02m). My targets this week were a five-mile quicker run and a nine-mile marathon pace race at Norton on the Sunday which was hilly. The week was blazing hot and I had other commitments going on, but it was a case of getting the miles in when I can and work hard to get a good total for the week. I managed to get over the 100 mile mark for June which I was chuffed to bits with. That was the furthest I had gone in a month since September 2015, some 33 months ago!

18th – 24th June (16 weeks to go) – Total miles 18.68m (longest run 11.01m). I had half this week off after a sports massage this week. It is important to keep looking after your body when you are increasing the mileage and workload. Rest is an investment if used properly. After what I thought was a heavy slow steady run earlier in the week, I actually got a gold medal for those segments on Strava, so either I wasn’t as bad as I thought, or I must have been a lot slower last time round! It probably is a mixture of both. We tend to think down our runs when in reality they are probably not as bad as we think in the grand scale of things.

On Saturday, I got my long run in – a nice enjoyable 11 mile run first thing in the morning incorporating Pontefract parkrun as my ending 3 miles to my run. Sometimes when you set off early, you can feel sluggish but settle in to the run quite nicely when you get going. I certainly benefitted from running the last bit around others rather than solo. Building a parkrun into a long run is a good thing. It helps your concentration and inversely it helps distract you from the longer miles you have done beforehand.

Rest is an investment if used properly.


11th – 17th June (17 weeks to go) – Total miles 26.46m (longest run 10.01m). A new year’s best weekly total and a Darrington 5 mile course PB. I’m pleased with the first part and very surprised at the second part of this news! I am starting to feel more comfortable at ten miles distance now. Just four weeks ago, I was only comfortable at seven miles. My next test of the next four weeks is to get comfortable again at half marathon distance. Slowly slowly, catchy monkey, as they say! 🙂

To get a course PB at Darrington was a surprise. I had planned to ease off a bit prior to the hills and to hit them with a bit more oomph but after the first third of Wentbridge Hill I was boxed in and had to walk for a short while. I was annoyed for getting in that scenario but channelled the energy into a second burst for the final third of the hill. Rocky Balboa never settled for being on the ropes, he launched himself into the next attack! At four miles, I was doing better than I thought and ran in with a friend the rest of the way and was grateful for a disciplined pace. Still quick, but consistent. That helped me gain those vital twelve extra seconds that got me a PB.

This week was difficult in one way as I was having to plan a race strategy for Darrington, run a long run on a midweek evening, and to try and increase my total mileage too. Combining those factors around normal life is hectic, but that is the life of training for a marathon. It isn’t easy, but the wins that you get along the journey make it all worthwhile.

Rocky Balboa never settled for being on the ropes, he launched himself into the next attack!


4th – 10th June (18 weeks to go)Total miles 23.8m (longest run 10.01m). Whilst just short of last week’s total mileage, I felt good with this week’s performance as I banged in a ten miler that was comfortable and a good workout too. I did a pre-run before parkrun which meant that I had done 5 miles before I got to the start line, and topped it up with some extra on the way home. A comfortable ten miles which is 3 miles up on 3 weeks ago. I also did an evening of hill climbing – taking on the hill at Wentbridge ready for the Darrington 5 mile race a week later. Tackling a route sometimes takes a bit more when you are breaking down perceptions that something or part of a course is too hard. Invariably it isn’t, you just need to work harder!

Break down perceptions that something or part of a course is too hard. Invariably it isn’t, you just need to work harder!


28th May – 3rd June (19 weeks to go)Total miles 26.0m (longest run 9.1m) – Back on the horse, as they say! I ran four times this week, and increased my weekly total to my year’s best. Boom!


21st – 27th May (20 weeks to go)Total miles 16.2 (longest run 6.55m). After the long hard run the week before, I took half the week off to recover, but still banged out two 10ks to get my mileage back up again.


14th – 20th May (21 weeks to go) Total miles 25.9m (longest run 13.1m). I took part in the Liverpool Rock N Roll Half Marathon (13.1m). In this event, I wanted to see where I was at with my running, and not to expect miracles from my recent lethargy and inactivity! I had a strong 7 miles followed by a weak 6 miles. This was to be expected as 6.5 / 7 miles was about the distance I had been running fairly regularly. My challenge now was to slowly up that long distance run and to increase my weekly miles to get to where I need to be. 21 weeks to go. 21 weeks of HARD WORK coming up!

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