Wrongly crediting inconsiderate people with sufficient intelligence

Tolerating the intolerants?

Are we being too generous to some of the lowlifes in this country? Are we assuming too much common sense? Some people demonstrate that too much selfishness and stupidity are not a great combination, but it is increasingly more prevalent.

Are the cogs turning inside some people's heads?
Are the cogs turning inside some people’s heads?

Illegal racist abuse ‘brought on’ by observing criminal acts?

I saw a video clip on Twitter that showed people looting in Florida during Hurricane Irma. All the people shown in that clip were African American. The clip then showed about a dozen of them sat in the police station after they had been arrested, all of which were African Americans.

I scrolled down the comments and was horrified by how many people decided to openly publish their racist comments and hateful remarks. There were some comments that were angry at anyone looting in a time of crisis. There were some comments that were just laughing about how they were just targeting sports shops for trainers. There were even more though that were making comments about their race and their ethnicity in a distinctly racist and hateful manner.


To my knowledge, this hateful use of social media is also illegal, as is the looting by the others in the first place. To criticise some people of a different ethnicity and race for being criminals in the form of criticising them through illegal and hateful language goes beyond irony and stupidity. They won’t see that what they are doing is also illegal and contravening the law, breaking the social media usage terms, and proving that they themselves are lawless lowlifes too.

Centre of their world

I saw an article online about car drivers and passengers being recommended to be more careful when opening doors to exit their vehicle. The article was to try and get people to understand that they will reduce the risk of hitting oncoming cyclists or pedestrians if they are more careful and look when they get out. It gave practical advice as to how to exit in the safest possible way. To me, a reasonable, sensible person, it all made sense to me. I don’t think there are times when I don’t check if anything is coming but it emphasised the requirement to consider other peoples’ safety too.

Cyclists and car doors
Cyclists and car doors

What wasn’t considered was that many people just won’t care about cyclists or pedestrians as they get out of their vehicles. Many people are just focused on what they are doing. They refuse responsibility for being aware of their surroundings because they alone are the centre of their world.

You would think that basic safety would be part of common sense. You would think that even as children, they would have learnt the essential ‘how not to get hurt or hurt others’ approach to life. Apparently not. Common sense may have been common sense in years gone by, but I fear that it is no longer common, it is scarcer nowadays.

Too much credit of intelligence?

I have a theory that we give too much credit of intelligence to many people in today’s world. We will all have seen some of the individuals who seem to be existing in a completely different world to the rest of us.

I have seen people who have no other comprehension that other people from a different part of the world may be decent, law-abiding, thoughtful people, and probably are if they took time to get to know them. So what if someone has a different colour skin? If they are looting, they ARE a criminal. Surely that is what is at fault with that looting scenario, not where they may have come from!

Common sense doesn’t seem that common any more.

I have seen people carelessly fling their car doors open with no consideration for others. They then go on to have a go at anyone who was put at risk by their actions. Their thoughtless inconsideration exacerbated by the audacity of unwarranted abuse.

There is a massive difference between the two examples obviously. Being abusive online about someone’s ethnicity or race is very different to just being an angry thoughtless person. My point here is though, that it is ALL unnecessary! Having consideration for other people comes in many different guises. Looking out for someone’s welfare by not endangering them is one thing. Not being abusive about their ethnicity or race is another thing too. Neither are good traits to have!

Shoe size IQ levels

This theory of giving too much credit of intelligence to many people is backed up daily by examples we see in the world, by instances of abusive Neanderthals online, by vitriolic hate crimes committed by people with an IQ score that rivals their shoe size let alone their age.

Are these people adding anything to modern day life? Why do the rest of us tolerate people like them? What is their mindset for behaving in such a horrific manner? They really are lowlifes.

IQ Test come out negative?
IQ Test come out negative?

Government and authority guidance

I see examples where the government of the day (of any persuasion) will issue guidance on a particular topic. They will recommend a course of action. The decent people of the country go along with that recommendation, knowing that this is what is what those in charge are wanting us to do. There will be some who do not follow the guidance. They will do what they want to do. It isn’t out of anything else except selfishness and stupidity.

They think they are more important than the rest of us. They think their case is worthier than others around them. They want to be at the front of the queue and don’t understand how society should work.

Social media

Social media has a lot of benefits to society. It gives a greater scope of opportunity for the world to connect and to bring increased knowledge and awareness to our world. I am a firm believer that it is a tool that mostly was intended for good. I do fear though, as I have written in other articles that it is an outlet of hatred, division, and an aversion to cooperation with others who are different.

You could say that social media has given a voice to those who don’t have anything worth hearing! You could say that social media has increased the volume of the hateful and is starting to drown out the peace and goodwill from others. Or at least, it is in certain areas of social media.

One problem with having a portal that is free to access is that there is no investment in the platform from the users. They have a free reign to be as abusive or as hateful as they like. It is never going to be policed fully from the provider’s perspective, and the law enforcement agencies are so overstretched that prioritisation of hateful speech is lower down the list than other criminal offences. Many of the hateful lowlifes will get away with their gutter level angst and sewer inhabiting attitudes and approaches to anything outside of their periphery.

How to deal with these lowlifes?

But who are they? They are the racists, the hateful, the overly angry and aggressive, the despising, the people who aren’t looking to live a decent, well-behaved, cooperative life in a peaceful society. Is that just a Utopian dream, or are we doomed to heading towards a future of spiralling hatred on the rise?

You can’t educate them if they don’t want to learn. You can’t penalise them as they don’t have anything to pay with. You can’t inspire them as they are not aspirational. You can’t deny them their rights despite their views and remonstrations. I do fear that with us missing a decent enough carrot to try and get them to be better members of society in a non-hateful environment, and that without a suitably adequate stick deterrent that the middle area becomes a breeding ground for other people having to tolerate intolerance which is a scary prospect for the rest of us.

I hope that the advancement of technology helps identify those who cannot live decent law-abiding lives and feel the need to express hateful sentiments online without repercussions, and aren’t reprimanded for sufferable behaviours in the outside world.

There is no place in decent society for those who can’t participate in normal pleasant cooperation. Fingers crossed that antisocial media and antisocial behaviours can be tackled and crushed so that the decent folk of the world aren’t completely frustrated and demoralised.

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