Why I write, and support for creativity

Who do you write for?

Probably myself if I am honest and realistic. I don’t expect people to read my work, but am pleased when I hear that they do. I think that I am still to find my ideal audience but while I am still writing, I am developing my personal writing style and that will benefit my writing in the long run for future audiences. Those who do read my work invariably do get something out of it, so I am informed.

Let the passion and enthusiasm come from the content
Let the passion and enthusiasm come from the content

Why do you write?

I find it therapeutic. It is good for us to get our thoughts and feelings down on paper, or onto a screen nowadays. I also feel that I have something to say. I know everyone likes to think that they have something of value to share so I am not alone in that thought! In the social media age that we live in now, a voice has been given to all, even those without anything worthwhile to say! I think it is important to have a style and a definite recognisable way of writing that enables you to put your message or article across to an audience.

What feedback have you had?

I have been told that my articles are mostly thought-provoking, honest and unbiased. Those are the kind of comments that I have been told one-to-one anyway. Quite honestly though, from people I thought might read my work, a fair few don’t so the feedback I hear from them is questions if anyone else reads it! This is quite disheartening and demoralising, but that is the way of the world now. Family and friends don’t always support in the way they are wanted to. I guess that’s a topic in itself to expand on another day.

Why don’t people read more of your articles?

Some have said that they have read one or two articles and ‘didn’t get it’. Some have said they don’t read longer form articles and are more into short status update length posts. I am not surprised by this. I do thing that there isn’t much support for creativity nowadays or investing time into supporting it.

For activities such as music, writing, art, photography and the likes, they are often free to access, but generally not very well supported by those around them. This is a societal problem and whilst it is up to the creative person to try and think of more ways to get people to access their work, it is essentially up to the consumer to choose to or to choose not to. Museums and art galleries have the same problem but on a much larger scale.

Whilst my writing style is conversational, upbeat and positive, it could be that those who have read it just don’t like the topics that I am writing about. Finding the right audience is more tricky than just providing articles to those nearest to my existing social networks.

Writing is a learning opportunity – for the author and the audience

Would you recommend someone getting involved with creative work?

Yes, I would, but I would also warn them to build their expectations accordingly. Not everyone will get what you are doing. Not everyone will appreciate what is involved. In fact, not many will appreciate what happens behind the scenes!

Everyone wants everything for free, and even then can’t always be persuaded to support you. One difficulty nowadays is that there is so much of everything for any one person to consume. If you want photography, then everyone can be a photographer with their smartphone. If you want to be a musician, then there are many others who can also play music. Mainstream radio funnels in certain directions too. If you want to be a writer, then everyone else feels they have the tools to do the same, but not the inclination to do so.

Another thing to remembers is that everyone is a critic nowadays and not as interested in supporting or encouraging others in their passions or interests. So my recommendation would be to have that inner belief, the passion from within, and the determination to get your work to the right audience rather than just the nearest audience.

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