Why do you take selfies with friends?

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Hi! Good evening. My name is Richard Lord and welcome to my YouTube channel. This week I have been asked why do I take so many selfies with friends and people I know. It’s a simple question and a lot of people get confused and say it is narcissistic, it’s look at me – I’m this or that or the other, but it’s not! It’s capturing memories. It’s being there with other people – making happy times, having a laugh and a joke, enjoying their company as much as me trying to enjoy mine at the same time.

We often don’t spend enough time with people we associate with. We don’t spend much time, we may say hi across a room, but we don’t go and have a longer conversation quite often. I like to think that this year I am trying to do something where I can have a longer conversation with people. I can capture the moment by taking a photograph no matter how good or bad we look at the time. It doesn’t really matter to me, it’s a case of recognising that at that moment in time I am with this person or this group of people. Lets smile, let’s get a photo. That’s now there in history. That’s what is there in that moment.

It’s something that not everyone gets or understand why we do it. I like doing it. It’s good fun. It’s something that if it makes someone else happy and makes me happy at that time, then great – do it! If it means that people want to spend a bit more time talking to people or getting to know me better or me getting to know them better, that’s even better. It is something where we need to communicate better and I have been saying this in my other videos and also my blog at www.richardlordonline.co.uk I’ve been saying these things so now I am living out what I am believing. We need to communicate with people. We have got friends, we have got acquaintances, we have got colleagues, and we don’t talk often enough to them. We need to make sure we communicate with them, otherwise they are just another person in the room. That’s not really how I am. That’s not really how I see people I acquaint with and socialise with. I see them as more important than that.

This is something I feel strongly about and throughout this year I am trying to make sure I speak to as many people as possible, trying to draw out extra bits of information from them and me share extra bits with them. By trying to share this, I am trying to enhance the friendship and the conversations going on. I think it is important to be looking out for each other, finding out and caring for each other. How can you look out for someone if you don’t know what is going on with their life without a proper conversation. It’s alright saying ‘Hi, how are you? You alright?’ and move on to the next person. It doesn’t do much for me, that. Just, get to know people properly! I think that if you spend a bit of time listening, you are enhanced as a person. I think it is important that when someone has a selfie with someone, they are sharing a moment and making memories. They’ve got something to look back on in future times if I move further away or if they move further away or if someone is ill. You’ve got that moment together, you’ve captured something, you’ve shared a moment. I think it is important so that’s why I like selfies with friends – capturing the moment, so that’s what I decided to share with you today.

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