What is your pre-race ritual the night before a race?

What is your pre-race ritual on night before a race? In regard to what to eat, relaxing, early night, etc…? For me, it’s have a nice pizza, couple of cans of strongbow and watch Casualty!

We had around 30 very different responses to this question. Here are some of the ranges of answers.

Getting things ready?

All gear ready in advance
Update FB with pic of gear / number
Check route and parking
Prepare the imodium
or … Leave it all for someone else to do

What about planning?

Don’t overthink it all
or … no plan
or … wake up next morning and panic!

Should you rest more or not?

Early night / relax / be well rested
or… Night on the beer, and/or … late night kebab, then few hours sleep

What do you have to eat the night before?

Decent sized carb meal / pasta / pizza / plenty of protein
or… fish and chips, or donner kebab, or tea and asda smart price ginger biscuits, or chilli eating challenge, or curry night

Do you allow yourself a drink the night before?

Few pints to relax, few glassses or wine,
Or … rehydration drink, or plenty of water / no alcohol, or get hammered, or no more than 8 pints night before, but finish last one 12 hours before race start time.



So to summarise, most folk prepare their things for the race well in advance, then try to relax and not worry and panic about the race as the hardwork is all done in the training, rest up after a carbohydrate meal such as pasta and have a couple of drinks before an early night. That’s what MOST people do, but as you can see, everyone has a different way of preparing with varying degrees of success. You can’t say that those who prepare one way get better results than the others, it is about what works for you and what you feel most easy with on race day.

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