Time to beat this battle of the bulge

Time to beat this battle of the bulge

How am I going to beat this, my hardest battle – the battle of the bulge? Yes, I said BEAT this, not EAT this! Surely eating is a significant part of the problem!

WeMy speak your weight scales often tells me that it is only meant for one person at a time! 🙁

I can blame society, I can blame advertising, I can blame lifestyle, I can blame anything really. Does it do any good? No, not one bit.

I can complain, I can say I’m not happy about it, I can try and pass the responsibility onto other people, I can wonder why nothing gets done. Does it do any good? No, not one bit.

I can say I am having a bad week, I can blame the weather, I can say I am too busy, I can say ‘it is only this and tomorrow I will run further’, I can say that there have been so many occasions where I’ve had to eat out recently, I can say anything really. Does it do any good? No, not one bit.

Waist line or a measure of your wasted time?

Some things you have to take into your own hands, or rather this one – you have to take out of your hands and mouth! Sometimes the balance between the amount of energy you put in your body through food and drink, is larger than the amount of energy your body uses. That is NOT a good routine to fall into.

I’ve been told that my words can be quite powerful and can resonate with other people in the challenges and battles that they are going through too. I thank them for their support and their appreciation for my written abilities. I hope that through the support and encouragement of others that I can work through this battle that I am finding hard to beat.


I eat more calories than I consume. I don’t exercise enough to burn off the calories I consume. I often eat the wrong kinds of food that don’t give my body the nutrients for it to do what it needs to do. I don’t get my portion sizes right. I reward myself too often. I am quite a fussy eater and there are plenty of foods I won’t eat or try. I should be a fussier eater and not eat the stuff that my body isn’t wanting me to eat. I don’t get the right balance.

I measure my running times, distances and paces, but I don’t measure my eating patterns, quantities or places.

This is hard, this is not going to be easy. Sacrifices and changes will have to be made. I will go through some unhappy times. No one said that getting results was going to be an easy ride.

I can “BEAT THIS!”

This is very much the ‘before’ article, and I hope that there will be an ‘after’ article later on with a success story to add to the theorising and good intentions that are in place right now.

How do I plan to ‘BEAT THIS’? Well, guess what, each of the letters of BEAT THIS can be made to stand for something.

  • Be better at planning.

Planning is all about ME! ME stands for MEALTIME planning and EXERCISE planning. If I know what I am going to eat the following day, I am more likely to stick to it. If I know what I am going to be burning off calorie wise, then I can be mindful of what energy to be putting in. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!!

  • Eat fresh food.

Packet meals are very handy, but do I understand completely everything it says in the list of ingredients? Am I that trusting of them, just because it says a certain number of calories? Surely the right kind of food is just as important as the number of calories too? Ditch the packets, make something fresh. It may cost a little extra, but I will feel the freshness of the products in me, and the freshness will transfer in to me feeling fresh.

  • Avoid food on the go.

I get the train to work, and I pass numerous outlets that want to sell me food, it all sounds nice, it all smells nice, it all does very well at tempting me and millions of other commuters across the country. They will control me and my routine. Don’t let them take the control away from me. They want my hard earned cash first thing in a morning, and out and about throughout the day. They don’t care how big I get, or how addicted I get to caffeine. They don’t care how I am, they just want my money. I would rather someone care about me, I would rather someone want what is best for me. I would rather have that control over what I eat and drink myself rather than these ‘food on the go’ places.

  • Today I am aiming to eat…

Back to planning again! If I have no plan as to what I am going to eat later that day, or haven’t taken any lunch with me to work, I am now in the laps of the gods of the food retailing community. They may seem smiley friendly people, but as per the food on the go point, they don’t care about me at all. If I have any sense of control on my life, then I should be able to more often than not plan 75% of my intake in advance. Yes, I may be able to pencil in ‘lunch out with …’ or ‘meal at home with my partner’, or similar, but the rest of it is all in my control. If whoever I am meeting for food or whoever you are meeting for a drink knows I am watching what I am eating, I would hope they would be sensitive to trying to help me keep control.

  • Today I have eaten…

Reviewing is as good as planning, as long as the same mistakes don’t keep occurring! At the end of each day, I will have a look back as to what I’ve eaten and drank, and score myself out of five how I would say I’ve got on. I don’t have to tell anyone my score or what I are doing. But I may want to mention to colleagues or my partner of any areas that I may want some help with, for example, self control or help with planning, or refusing the sandwich run on a Friday morning, that kind of thing.

  • Holidays and special occasions.

I can be doing really well, and then someone’s invited me out for drinks, or for a big meal. If I know about these in advance, then I can plan for it better. Planning again is key. If I am going out for a meal on a Friday evening, I may want to try and schedule time to do some exercise earlier in the day, and something extra next day to ‘play catch-up’. If my calorie intake is sky high on one day of the week, then I can try and compensate for that on the next day and not to ‘reward’ myself with any extras that day as I’ve banked a few already the previous day. It’s not going to be easy, but it is a starter to try and compensate for the occasion.

  • I should review my progress.

Reviewing progress is important, I can celebrate my successes (hopefully!) and can review any areas where I feel I need to work on. My hard work will get me so far, but sometimes information and data about what is happening may pin point areas where I can go that extra step.

  • Speak about it with other people.

Life is not easy. Life is hard. Sharing problems and areas where we are struggling is important in my view. If you have a problem, talk about it with someone close to you. You will need help when you are finding things hard. Discuss it with your partner, parents, work colleagues, or a friend. Don’t struggle on your own, because that will just make things harder for you.

You can do it!
You can do it!


These eight steps to “BEAT THIS” will helpfully give me a structure and a pattern to work to. Regularity and consistency will help my body to understand the changes of what I will and won’t accept. Training my body to take on board the new standards that I am willing to have for myself – pushing myself to think more about what my intake is.

It is going to be a massive struggle for me, but I am worth it, I am going to do what I can to lose the weight and to improve my in/out balance. Wish me luck, and help me along with some encouragement. If you are thinking of doing something similar to the BEAT THIS approach, please get in touch and maybe we can BEAT THIS together!

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