The circle of positivity

Circle of positivity

After I had completed the Pontefract 10k at the weekend, and I was just moving past the finish line area to get my medal and goody bag, someone tapped me on the shoulder.

I turned round and another runner said to me that I had helped keep them going through the run and that my positivity and spirit had helped keep them in the right mindset too.

It’s true that I like to chat and make people smile. I believe in helping people believe in themselves and to get the very best out of what they can produce. When people are happy, they perform better.

It was really kind of that runner to tell me about how I had made them feel. It struck me later on that day that we sometimes make a positive impression on others and inspire people without realising it.

When we know we make a difference and inspire others like this it helps keep that positivity flowing which is good for us all.

If someone has inspired you or kept you going when you found the going difficult, why not tell them and let them know you appreciate them. It may help lift them too which would also complete a circle of positivity.

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