What are protest marches? A protest march is a type of protest or demonstration that generally involves a group of people walking from an assembly point to a predetermined destination, usually culminating in a political rally, and often evoking a military march or parade. What are they for? This weekend has seen a number

[caption id="attachment_1991" align="alignnone" width="300"] Are the cogs turning inside some people's heads?[/caption] Tolerating the intolerants? Are we being too generous to some of the lowlifes in this country? Are we assuming too much common sense? Some people demonstrate that too much selfishness and stupidity are not a

This is the mindset of many people nowadays - they want everything cheap or preferably for free. It is contradictory though and I don't think it is very well thought through. There are consequences that we may come to regret in later times, or at

What people write isn't fact checked too closely nowadays I see a worrying world that is not far away, it may even be here already. A world where substance doesn’t matter anymore. A world where the reliability of content is not important. People will believe anything

In 2009, a lady walked on stage at a Britain's Got Talent audition. That lady was Susan Boyle. People didn't believe in her, they judged her before she showed her talents. She believed. She knew what she could do. She also was grateful for the opportunity.

Does the media today give us too much information?  Today's press in Britain tells us lots of things, way much more than they used to. It is partly due to the age of information overload that we are living in. They tell us what they say

I don't have to follow rules Those rules are for others, not for me.  I don't have to follow that rule, I'm in a hurry. Yeah whatever, I don't care.  Others do it, so why shouldn't I? It doesn't matter, does it? It's my life, I will do what I want.  I

Possibilities, speculation and over generalisation Too much of today's 'news' stories are based around possibilities or speculation, and over generalisation. Examples like this are normally hidden behind a headline that portrays a possibility as fact first such as 'SIX inches of snow will hit Britain' followed by