Why I am doing this marathon? Having been massively impressed and influenced by marathon running friends and those around me recently, and having experienced race days a bit more recently, it has got me thinking about what was possible and achievable for me again with some

2017 Running Achievements In a year where I thought I hadn't achieved too much due to lack of running, I have surprised myself in certain areas. 514.25 miles (100 runs) in 2017 (1.41 miles/day) 9 races – 88.99 race miles – 4 medals 5 PBs – 9 miles (Norton

Still a runner? Three times marathon runner, twenty half marathons under my belt and still I am finding running a struggle at times. Can you fall out of still 'being a runner’? Have I lost it? That is where I feel I am now. Winter is a

Keep on running! Tomorrow will be my 86th race since I started running nearly five years ago. I may only have averaged 7 miles a week since completing the Manchester marathon in April, which isn’t the best training plan, I am definitely looking forward to taking part

2016 Raised £400.50 for Laila Milly Foundation through organising and taking part in the Be A Winner In Winter challenge that 50 people took part as they set their running targets for January to March. Summary – Ran 601.19 miles (156 runs) in 2016. (1.64 miles/day) 12 races – 61.36

Christmas Day 2016 sees me run my 100th parkrun and I am so pleased that I found parkrun many months ago. [caption width="300" id="attachment_377" align="aligncenter"] January 1st 2015 at Pontefract parkrun[/caption]It was the 14th April 2012 when I did my first ever parkrun. I went to

Tonight's run was a little bit soggy, but that doesn't stop a machine like me!! https://youtu.be/BIBrCUY7W4w  

#runrichrun has a new exercise challenge for the month of July. To find out more about this, please visit the 'Bring It All Back' page. It is a free challenge, and you can plan what you do and when you do it so it is ideal for