Still a runner? Three times marathon runner, twenty half marathons under my belt and still I am finding running a struggle at times. Can you fall out of still 'being a runner’? Have I lost it? That is where I feel I am now. Winter is a

Keep on running! Tomorrow will be my 86th race since I started running nearly five years ago. I may only have averaged 7 miles a week since completing the Manchester marathon in April, which isn’t the best training plan, I am definitely looking forward to taking part

2016 Raised £400.50 for Laila Milly Foundation through organising and taking part in the Be A Winner In Winter challenge that 50 people took part as they set their running targets for January to March. Summary – Ran 601.19 miles (156 runs) in 2016. (1.64 miles/day) 12 races – 61.36

Time to beat this battle of the bulge How am I going to beat this, my hardest battle - the battle of the bulge? Yes, I said BEAT this, not EAT this! Surely eating is a significant part of the problem! [caption id="attachment_748" align="alignnone" width="300"] My speak your weight scales

2015 Raised £101 for Macmillan Cancer Support and £153.40 for the Laila Milly Foundation. Summary – Ran 1082.94 miles (212 runs) in 2015. (2.97 miles/day or 4.78km/day) 23 races (excluding triathlons) – 242.08 race miles – 23 medals 13 PB’s overall – 6 x race PB’s (including improvement of 7s in 1mile,

Ten days from now on 18th March, I turn 40. Whilst the old adage (pun intended) is that ‘age is just a number’ is true, it is worth spending a little time at this milestone to see what folk say about turning 40, reflect on

2014 Raised £475 for Oxfam Summary – Ran 932.5 miles (1500.7km) 31 races (inc 1 duathlon)- 256.8 race miles  – 26 medals 13 x race PB’s (including improvement of 1m01 in 1m, 2m43 in 5k, and 4m03 in 10k and 14m22 in HM) 56 training runs – 289 miles 70 SRC

What the 2014 Yorkshire Marathon meant to me. Wow, what an emotional time this has been! I’ve seen blood, sweat, tears, laughter, screaming, diva strops and many more emotions – and some of those were from other people and not me! Why did I enter? When I look