[caption id="attachment_1991" align="alignnone" width="300"] Are the cogs turning inside some people's heads?[/caption] Tolerating the intolerants? Are we being too generous to some of the lowlifes in this country? Are we assuming too much common sense? Some people demonstrate that too much selfishness and stupidity are not a

[caption id="attachment_1981" align="alignnone" width="300"] iPhone notifications[/caption] Urgent notification! How many times in an average day do I look at my phone because there has been a notification about an email? Is it an important email? Does it need some action there and then? Is it a marketing email, or an

You've got junk Electronic mail When personal computers first came out to the mass market, one of the advantages that was sold to us was email. Electronic mail – you can send letters and messages to other people electronically instead of via Royal Mail. This was seen

Do you know how your Facebook timeline is constructed? Did you know the Facebook timeline is not as straight forward as you may think? You may think that the timeline you see when you open Facebook either via your web browser or through your Facebook app

I feel really popular today on Black Friday, I'm getting so many emails! Imagine this if you can, some shops have kindly sent me the opportunity to buy things from them! Aren't I so honoured to be chosen to be able to give them my

It's good to share - help spread the happiness! We like to share and enjoy telling people about positive experiences that we encounter, making our recommendations known and letting others know about places we like or services we receive or articles we read. This could be the

Staying safe online and making the most of the internet The internet can be a fantastic place. It can enable so much interaction and communication with people we may not get to see as regularly as we would like. We can find out so much information very

Click LIKE or SHARE! We have probably all seen posts on Facebook saying things such as: Click LIKE if you love the NHS, copy and paste these words if you think this animal cruelty is bad, share this pic if you love your parents / children,