Social Media Training

Social Media Training

Many people think they already know about social media. Many of them know what they think they need to know. But how many of them know how to use it in a time efficient or effective manner? How many know how to save time? How many seek feedback from consumers / customers / suppliers / sponsors to see if they are happy with the output? How many are thinking ahead with contingency planning? How many organisations rely on just one person for their output?

These are just a small number of areas where a truly well-thought out social media plan helps your organisation. Do you wonder why your sponsors don’t sign up for another year? Do you wonder why when your ‘social media person’ goes on holiday, that posts dry up? All this is something you can control.

My social media knowledge comes from many years of experience, not just in social media but as my background includes:

  • project management
  • business management
  • business analysis
  • sports management
  • media and press releases
  • sponsorship
  • sales
  • customer satisfaction
  • user research
  • digital skills
  • technology utilisation

This puts me in a good position to be able to help advise about social media on a consultancy basis which covers way more angles than just knowing how to send a tweet or two!

Costs are £20 per hour on a consultancy basis to help you design your plan and to show you all the tools that you need to get to be an efficient and effective social media user and address the needs of your content consumers.

To get started with your Social Media Training, you need to get in touch. Don’t delay, get it done today!