A solution to your problems

Richard Lord
Richard Lord

As a freelance business consultant, I am able to offer myself to you as a solution to your business problems. With years of experience behind me in a number of fields, I can help you make changes to help you grow, develop, and take your organisation further forward.

By offering my services to you as a consultant, I can work with you to help enable you to make the changes yourself, or with assistance. Sometimes you just need a little helping hand to get you where you need to be, or a little specialist know-how on how to get something done.

Below is a list of 9 areas where I can help you as a business, community group, sports club, or another small organisation that is looking for guidance, coaching, tech know-how, or that bit of assistance that can make a difference to you.

Tell Your Story – Do you have a story that you want to get in front of more people? Do you tell as many people as possible your good news? Do you expect readers to come to you, or do you go to them to spread your good news? I can help here by working with you to get your stories out to a wider audience.

Growth Development – Seeing what the possibilities are for growth is sometimes difficult. You may already be very busy, but are you too close to the situation to see options and scope for improvement? What do you customers think? I can help you by working with you to identify options and business development opportunities where you can grow.

Increase Sign-Ups – Do you want customers or members? Are you already utilising those people around you to unleash their potential? I can help here by working with you to maximise your assets to get more people coming to you.

Coaching and Guidance – Would you benefit from having a consultant on your side working with you, coaching you to help you reach your desired outcomes? Would someone with a strong business operational and managerial background help you with guidance in solving problems? I can help you workout a plan to take forwards and be the supportive person you need.

Social Media Training – Social Media isn’t just sending a tweet, posting a photo on Instagram or writing status updates on Facebook. It is so much more. I can help you utilise Social Media much more to your advantage – being efficient, more effective and more responsive to your consumers’ requirements.

Digital Utilisation – Are you using the right tools for what you need doing? Tech isn’t just social media. There is so much more that you could potentially use to keep track on work, projects, improvement plans. I can help you get to find the right digital solution for your needs.

Customer Experience Review – Do you ask your customers what they think of your organisation? Do you ask ex-customers why they don’t come back? Do you ask why potential customers aren’t coming to you yet? I could help you as an independent voice asking the right questions and help you have a greater insight into what your customers are expecting from you that you may not be delivering.

Websites Fit For Purpose – Do you have a website? Is it working for you? Get your website fit for purpose and get it working for you. I can help you by working with you not just to build and publish a website, but to work with you to establish what your target audience want from it.

Brand Ambassador / Social Recommendations – Do you need someone to work with you promoting your business, charity, brand or cause? There are many ways of getting through to customers and potential members / customers through social recommendations. Work with me to reach a wider audience.

If you are interested in talking to me about any of these areas and seeing how I can help you, please get in touch via my contact form and I will get back in touch with you to arrange a conversation and initial discussion to find out more about being the solution to your problem.