A solution to your problems

Richard Lord
Richard Lord

As a freelance coach and consultant, I am able to offer myself to you as a solution to your problems. With years of experience behind me in a number of fields, I can help you make changes to help you grow, develop, and take your organisation further forward.

I can work with you to help enable you to make the changes yourself, or with assistance. Sometimes you just need a little helping hand to get you where you need to be, or a little specialist know-how on how to get something done.

Coaching brings results
Coaching brings results. Photo by geralt.

Below is a list of 7 areas where I can help you as an individual or as a small organisation that is looking for guidance, coaching, tech know-how, or that bit of assistance that can make a difference to you.

Life Coaching – Do you need help keeping moving forwards? Need assistance in reaching your goals and targets? Looking for someone to help keep you accountable? Want someone on your side to help you through stuff? Whether it is careers, sports, fitness, emotional, or just helping you keep on track, life coaching can help you be better organised, have greater focus, and to take the right steps with a wing-man with you through everything helping you get there.

Mentoring – Most organisations have a yearly appraisal process with their line manager. There are times when you want to chat over your career aspirations and plans with someone outside of the business. As an experienced people manager, I can work with you to help you make the right choices going forward and enable you to make greater informed choices in your career.

Business Coaching – Would you benefit from having a consultant on your side working with you, coaching you to help you reach your desired outcomes? Someone who is further away from the problems than you are if you can’t see the wood for the trees. Would someone with a strong, business operational and managerial background help you with guidance in solving problems? I can help you work out a plan to take forwards and be the supportive person you need.

Start-Ups – When you are starting out, you have to do everything. You don’t have people who work for you to get things done. You may need someone you can turn to and consult with. You may need a trusted opinion on an area you are interested in. You may need help with reaching out digitally. You may need someone with managerial and business experience to be a sounding board for questions and views. I can do that for you.

Tell Your Story – Do you have a story that you want to get in front of more people? Do you tell as many people as possible your good news? Do you expect readers to come to you, or do you go to them to spread your good news? I can help here by working with you to get your stories out to a wider audience.

Websites Fit For Purpose – Do you have a website? Is it working for you? Get your website fit for purpose and get it working for you. I can help you by working with you not just to build and publish a website, but to work with you to establish what your target audience want from it.

Partnerships –Do you need someone to work with you promoting your business, charity, brand or cause? There are many ways of getting through to customers and potential members / customers through social recommendations. Work with me to reach a wider audience.

What now?

Get in touch with me and we can have an initial conversation free of charge to see how I can help you. Then we can set up a meeting to get started. At £20 per hour, and three sessions for the price of two, you’re on to a winner straight away!

Don’t delay, get in touch today!