A narcissistic way of saying ‘look at me’? Or… a fun way of capturing moments and memories? I know which one I believe in!

Selfies are a modern way of recording a snapshot in time. For me, it is hardly the photoshopped, added filters, pouty, glamour wannabe type of photo that I go for, or could get away with!

Rich the star! :)

Rich the star! πŸ™‚

Where you are, who you are with, what you are doing, how you are feeling, what enjoyment you’re having – and recording it for future tines.

Smartphones saw the introduction of selfies into society and the world changed. Big statement, but it is true. People are taking more photographs and are wanting to be part of it. Inclusion was a big part of this.

Rothwell Canal Run Selfie 2018

Methley Canal Run Selfie 2018

‘Shall we have a selfie?’

Including others in our photographs is part of the ‘selfie culture’ nowadays. It isn’t just a picture of yourself taken by you, but it is a picture of you and others taken by you. It is showing a group and displays that you have belonging and a connection with that group of people.

Pontefract Santa Dash Selfie 2018

Pontefract Santa Dash Selfie 2018

Selfies aren’t a sad, lonely thing. They are expressing your enjoyment of being part of something. By sharing a photo with others, you are not just making a connection but saying you want to remember this person, these people, this moment.

Here is the link to my YouTube video on why I like to take selfies with friends.

Run selfies

In 2013, I ran the Bath Half Marathon and took a selfie at the 8 mile marker. this was the first time I am aware of anyone in my social group of running friends that a mid-race selfie was taken. Since then, I quite often will take a selfie mid-race as a reminder of the event, to entertain others, and possibly even to inspire others into thinking they can run too, or a trigger reminder for them to get their running shoes on and go out for a run.

Bath Half Marathon 2013

Bath Half Marathon 2013

Memorable selfies

I remember a very hot day in Hull in 2014. I was doing a lot of races that year and whilst I was running slow and having some fun on the run, chatting to people, stopping for photos and enjoying myself, I saw a group of people at about 9.6km (about! :)) and called across that we should do a selfie. This magical photo was the result. It was so spontaneous and I just love how they all fell into formation so brilliantly. That photo is memorable for so many people and captured a very enjoyable time of my running – maybe not speed and time wise, but certainly memory wise!

The best mid-race selfie ever! Fact!

The best mid-race selfie ever! Fact!