Rugby League

Rugby League

Richard is a former Rugby League player, coach and manager – more successful OFF the pitch than ON it though as he says! He is the first to say that he can read the game well, but playing it is a different story altogether when you are getting knocked over all the time!

Wolverhampton Warlords RLFC

Wolverhampton Warlords RLFC

Richard was involved with a number of sides in Wolverhampton and later in West Yorkshire.

Wolverhampton Wizards RLFC – 2004-06 – Media Manager, then Club Manager

Wolverhampton Warlords RLFC – 2007-10 – Joint Founder, Player/Assistant Coach/Manager, before arranging merger into Wolverhampton RLFC

Wolverhampton RLFC – 2010 – Joint Founder, Interim Manager at set-up stage

Wakefield CRL (Community Rugby League Touch Rugby and Tag Rugby) – 2010-11 – Player/Coach/Manager (before renaming as Featherstone Rovers TNT)

Featherstone Rovers TNT (Touch N Tag) – 2011-12 – Joint Founder, Player/Coach/Manager


Looking for new players

Looking for new players

He is a qualified Rugby League referee and was a qualified coach prior to his retirement from the sport in 2012.

As Media Manager for the Wizards and Warlords clubs, Richard was regularly providing press releases to the local media outlets and was interviewed regularly on local radio stations about the progress the club was making and providing match reports. He also secured interviews with prominent people in the sport for matchday programmes too, which were met with praise from across the Rugby League community.

Richard Lord was presented with a national award from the sport’s governing body – Pioneer of the Year – for his recruitment approach as manager of a Rugby League club outside of the traditional heartland areas when he was managing Wolverhampton Warlords. He was also invited to a Mayoral Reception for his Contribution to Sport in the City of Wolverhampton having recruited over 100 new players in the area in just over two years.

It was also through Richard’s negotiations with the local council that the first ever council-provided Rugby League pitch in the Midlands was built. He went on to be player/coach/manager for several touch rugby and tag rugby teams in West Yorkshire after relocating, again collecting more silverware along the way with each of those teams.

Richard Lord's Rugby League trophies

Richard Lord’s Rugby League trophies


Supporting Rugby League

I am a Wakefield Trinity fan and have been a fan all my life, though a lot of that time was from a distance when I was living in the Midlands. I don’t go and watch them as often as I would like to, but always enjoy seeing them play. Being a Trinity fan is a roller coaster of emotions – they often over-achieve on the pitch, and then under-achieve off the pitch of what they could possibly achieve. The ground is dilapidated but is still their home and the memory place for so much of their history.

There are always hope on the horizon for Wakefield Trinity, and what the future holds for them in terms of their ground only time will tell, but let’s all keep our fingers crossed that their off the field drama can have the same successes that their on the pitch has done over time.