PB King! Runners love PB’s.

PB - Personal Best

You will find that as you start to do more running and start to see developments in your progress, you start keeping track of how long different events and runs take. Be it a trip round the block, a run round the park, or as you get more and more into it, actual timed events with other people too!

PB - Personal Best
PB – Personal Best

A ‘PB’ is a Personal Best, and it is when you achieve your best time at that particular distance. You will learn to love that feeling as you see you’ve bettered your previous time. Remember that feeling, it is a great feeling!

Try to remember all these PBs too, as they are a great motivator as you look to push yourself further and try and develop. I’ve shown my times below here, don’t worry at all if you are fifty times faster or fifty times slower than these, THAT DOES NOT MATTER. What does matter is the effort you are putting in, and starting to enjoy what you are doing, and seeing the benefit of your hard work.

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