Look up

October 17, 2017 Richard Lord 0

Look up from your phone. Look at what is around you. Look away from your computer screen. Look at what is in your view. Look away from your technology. Look at what else there is […]

Substance doesn’t matter

July 16, 2017 Richard Lord 0

What people write isn’t fact checked too closely nowadays I see a worrying world that is not far away, it may even be here already. A world where substance doesn’t matter anymore. A world where […]

I dreamed a dream

July 15, 2017 Richard Lord 0

In 2009, a lady walked on stage at a Britain’s Got Talent audition. That lady was Susan Boyle. People didn’t believe in her, they judged her before she showed her talents. She believed. She knew […]

In the public interest?

June 24, 2017 Richard Lord 0

Does the media today give us too much information?  Today’s press in Britain tells us lots of things, way much more than they used to. It is partly due to the age of information overload […]

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