Oh no! I’ve lost my running mojo!

Many runners hit a time when they just don’t feel the love for running for a spell, whether it is other factors going on in their life or something actually to do with running. It is a worrying time where you don’t feel the same enjoyment of doing something you usually love. You question when you can bothered going for a run, whether you’ve ‘lost’ your pace or ability, etc.. It is tricky but it is something that generally passes after a while. Here are a few tips of what you can consider doing to break through if you lose that passion.

These are tips and comments from people who have gone through this, and survived!

  • Get perspective as to how far you’ve come in your running
  • Don’t push yourself for another PB, it’s about having a good time as well as getting a good time
  • Remember to have fun and enjoy it
  • Have a break, regroup, then attack the world full force
  • Enjoy the race day, put no pressure on yourself, and concentrate on finishing
  • Help someone else round, have a chat with someone who is normally slower, help them to a PB
  • Get more rest, taper off towards races
  • Have a week off and try and do something different, come back refreshed and remotivated
  • Get some TLC
  • Relax more, enjoy your rest days by not doing anything at all
  • Everyone goes through a low point sometime, take it on the chin and bounce back
  • On the day feel the buzz from occasion, look at the spectators cheering you on
  • Get yourself a massage and a mini detox
  • Make a list of all your achievements and see how much time you’ve knocked off your run distances in one year

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