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This website is home to my writing and is here for people who want to read informed articles, shorter punchier blog posts, and also have an insight into my opinions, viewpoints and my sense of humour.

Where do I start with putting words down on a page?

Where do I start with putting words down on a page?

Where do I start with putting words down on a page?

I like to write. That’s quite handy for a writer! I enjoy explaining what I think and the reasoning why I believe it. I challenge myself to look at both sides of an argument without bias. I like to have my say on political and societal issues. I am told my articles are

an entertaining read and open the eyes of the reader to see different aspects without being overpowering or evangelistic towards one side of a fence or the other.’

That’s a pleasing appraisal to read about my work!


It was through my early articles about my experiences getting started running that I was persuaded to write an e-book about the journey from being a complete non-runner to completing my first marathon. I’ve also had a number of articles published in running magazines.


I like a good joke and I also like a bad joke too. Clever wordplay and intelligent use of language are two aspects of comedy that interest me greatly. The quick-witted use of puns isn’t appreciated enough in the world, and I think that the speed of the delivery of a joke or witticism is as important as the content.


Believe, Achieve, Inspire

I like to motivate people. I am a firm believer that we can all achieve more if we believe more. Human beings are capable of so much, and confidence has a great amount to play in this. The more we can all do to try to encourage others to believe in themselves, the more likely they will believe that they can achieve greater things themselves. They in turn then may go on to help others believe too. One of the maxims I use in life is ‘Believe, Achieve, Inspire.’ These three words sum up my philosophy relating to motivating and encouraging others to be the person they can be.

Where I have been published

Apart from my self-published e-book, I have also had articles and interviews published in a number of publications – Run ABC North, Wolverhampton Express and Star, Wolverhampton AdNews, Wolverhampton Chronicle, Birmingham Mail / Birmingham Evening Post, BBC Black Country website and Rugby League World.

For links and more information, see my Published Works page.

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