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Hello everyone. My name is Richard Lord. I’m starting up my introductory video for my YouTube channel for Richard Lord Online. I’m a blogger. I’ve been blogging for four years so far and I’ve been doing that at You can find all my articles in there, all my posts and features on there and things like that. Bits and pieces about how you get in touch with me by social media. I am on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. you can search for Richard Lord Online and find me there perfectly fine.

What I want to do with my YouTube channel is to bring some of those articles to you and to bring them a bit more to life rather than a bit of a written word all the time. Something a bit more vocal, you can hear more about the intention behind it, the thought that goes into it and a bit more fun too. I want to talk about encouragement, about motivation, lifting yourself up, some of my experiences. I am a keen runner, so I want to talk about that and be able to talk about enjoying your energy, making the most of things and being able to be the person you want to be, and the person you can be if you put the extra work in and the extra effort in and just have a think about things as to where you want to go with things. That’s what I am all about. That’s what I am trying to do with this YouTube channel so I am hoping you will follow.

Click to follow the channel. Get in touch. Keep it nice! Don’t be the person that lowers the tone! We don’t like that kind of thing. We like the kind of people who try to make the best in life and to look for the nice things and try to be decent people. That’s what I am looking for anyway so hopefully you are a like-minded person. Follow the channel. Keep in touch. Let me know what you think and it would be great to hear from you.

Cheers, byeee!

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