Missing a target can mean achieving a whole lot more…

Missing a target can mean achieving a whole lot more…

This year has been one heck of a year, I’ve ran so far, achieved new longest distances and fastest times, completed so many races, collected so much bling, and had such an amazing experience on the way. I’ve set myself goals, targets, challenges and I’ve met pretty much all of them. Last year I ran 1000km, this year I set myself the target of running 1000miles in the year, and I now know that I will fail on this target.

Mileage wise, I will fail on that target, but having had that target there kept me running at times throughout the year when I thought I wouldn’t. Twice this year I ran over 100 miles in a month, and I have use the target to inspire me to keep trying when others would have stopped earlier.

That target helped me achieve so much more than if it wasn’t in place. It helped me realise that I am capable of running further, longer and more often that I would have thought possible at the start of the year. Not hitting a target, does not wipe out the effort that is put in to push yourself forwards.

The challenges I set myself at the start of the year were to get bling from 25 races or more, to complete a marathon, and to run 1000 miles. With just over five weeks of the year left, I have completed a marathon, I have bling from 24 races so far (2 more to come in the next fortnight), and will have ran over 900 miles for the year. That’s still not too shabby in the long and short of it all!

People often struggle with perspective and fail to see how much they have achieved, how far they have come, and how insignificant one event can be in the overall picture. It sometimes takes a little frustration or a knock here or there for a little period of self-analysis to kick in. I know people who would laugh and say how daft it is getting het up about this or that, but when you have a challenge that you set yourself, you want to work as hard as you can whether you get it or not. Life is about achieving things and pushing to strive for greater and better, whilst still appreciating how far you have come already, and accepting and acknowledging how things are currently.

Identifying that in the grand scheme of things a blip here or there can be a good thing, helps to channel that frustration in a better way. When something comes and hits you from the side and blows you off course, it’s not so much whether you land on your feet or not that matters, it’s what you choose to do when you get back on your feet. Do you dust yourself down and keep on trekking on the same direction, do you look to see which direction you are heading then get back on course, or do you just look down and not try to move forwards for fear of it happening again?

Missing a target

Missing a target

Getting the right balance in life is essential, when imbalances crop in, things start to suffer. It is important to get the right balance with work and outside of work, with family and friends, with relationships and with hobbies. When you don’t have time for all you want to do, or aren’t there for those who should be there for, things need to change. I guess that most runners will have had someone say to them sometime that they seem obsessed with it, with SRC, and with the whole running world whirlwind that we inevitably get caught up in. Getting the right balance is crucial. Ensuring that work has the same balances too is important too. Not getting in from work too shattered to spend quality time doing what you want to be doing in your spare time is something that should be the norm, but isn’t always.

Sometimes you get to the point where you realise that change is needed, whether it be defining boundaries, altering how we deal with certain things, changing the energies we commit to things or people. A review is often needed, some people are quicker to be able to do this, some people wait until things get too busy, others wait until things get changed for them. But a review and necessary changes and adjustments are important to make if we are going to get to where we want to be in life. Nothing changes without change. It sounds obvious, but it’s still true.

Life isn’t all about numbers, targets, statistics, or even about how heavy your medal hanger is! It is about making time for those things you want to be doing, making time for those you want to spend time with, making time for being there for other people, and sometimes changes are needed to get back on track.

I’ve missed my target of 1000 miles for the year, I’m using this realisation to re-focus on where I want to be, to get to a happier me, enabling time for me to do the things I want to do, to spend time with those who want to spend time with me, to not let numbers overshadow or block opportunities for me to develop into who I want to be, and for me to be who I am for other people.

Running for fun for the rest of the year now, and looking to set less long range targets in 2015. I can still challenge myself on lots of things, there is a lot of potential for improvement, but I don’t want them to be to the detriment of retaining the right balances.

Missing a target can mean achieving a whole lot more. If you miss one target, it could mean that you are on target for greater things ahead of where that target was.

Onwards and upwards….

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