Letting drivers in at junctions can cause a domino effect of positivity

Waiting at a road junction wanting to be let in

Did you know that if a driver lets you out at a junction, you are more likely to let someone out of another junction later in your journey. If you experience someone not letting you out at a junction, you are less likely to let other drivers out at future junctions.

This is an example that displays that how we are treated affects how we treat others. This applies even against our default settings of whether we would ordinarily let someone out of a junction or not.

Waiting at a junction

Waiting at a junction

The actions of others affect how we react to others.

Herein lies an opportunity for us to help affect how others feel and react too. By being kind and thoughtful to others, we are able to reverse negative trends that are seeping into society.

When you see someone at a junction waiting to come out, you aren’t just making a decision on one motorist, you’re helping influence future decisions for them too in a domino effect of positivity.

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