Let’s go round again!

“How far is this marathon you are doing?”

Marathons aren’t the kind of run that many people would consider enjoyable. The feeling afterwards is though definitely! Knowing that you’ve worked hard for so long and have ran so far that day – they are good feelings and a feeling that is slightly addictive if you’re not careful.

I completed the Yorkshire Marathon in October 2018 and had a whale of a time, even though it was wet enough for whales that day. After a little while recovering and dropping my mileage to more restful levels, it is now time to step things back up again and to start the journey once again. I am going to be entering Manchester Marathon 2019 that takes place in April.

I am not a fan of winter training at the best of times, but I need the target in my diary to aim for. I need the countdown to take me forwards or it is too easy to not do what I should be doing and getting my trainers on and getting out running.

Manchester Marathon 2019

Manchester Marathon 2019

The 26.2 mile bug is there

Today (at the time of writing) is 14 weeks away from 7th April 2019 when the Manchester Marathon takes place. 14 weeks to get my distance training in. 14 weeks to sort out my Christmas excess out. 14 weeks until I get to line up on that start line and go 26.2 miles once again.

Bring it on!

The weather over the next few months is likely to be quite unrelenting. It is likely that we will see a fair bit of the white stuff on the paths and roads. A Springtime marathon training plan is one that expects things to change and the need to adjust is embedded in the expectations. What must remain is the belief and the spirit within that I will fit in enough training by the time I get there on the day.

Keep an eye on and subscribe to my YouTube channel for progress updates on the way.

Funning, not running!

Enjoying your energy, keeping it fun, keeping the smiles throughout the miles – all these are vitally important. So I am not going to do long distance running, I am going to be doing long distance funning!

Manchester – 7th April – I’m coming for you! #believeinthemachine 

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