Let’s go round again!

Finish Line

Let’s go round again!

  • After my first marathon in October 2014 at York, I said that I didn’t ‘need’ to do another one.
  • After my second marathon in October 2015 at York, I said that I didn’t feel drawn to run another marathon.
  • I was then tempted to try a Springtime marathon. So I did another marathon in Spring 2017, this time at Manchester. That was enough though, no more.
  • A fourth marathon? Yep, October 2018 back at York – well, that was to see where I thought I could be at. I didn’t bother saying ‘never again!’ that time.
  • So here we are in Summer of 2019 and I am set to take part in my fifth marathon on 20th October 2019  at York.

The challenge

It’s the challenge that keeps returning. It’s the challenge that doesn’t listen to ‘No, thank you. I’m happy with what I’ve done!’ So here we go again. Yorkshire Marathon 2019 and I take on the course for the fourth time. I am equally excited, comfortable and relishing the prospect aware that I know what lies ahead for me. I know the route. I know the battles. I know what to expect. I know what I have to do. Yet still I say bring it on! This isn’t complacency. It is awareness of what is happening – a much valued feeling when you have so far to run.

I am a little bit behind in my training in comparison to where I was last year when I felt I was over-prepared. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Neither, I would argue. I would say that it is just where I am. There are seven weeks left to go until the big day. Plenty of time for many more training runs and to up the intensity and strengthen at the right time enabling me to be as prepared as possible on the day.


As many of you will know by now, Rosie and I are raising money this year for the Jane Tomlinson Appeal. We have a number of events that you can join us in over the coming couple of months and we look forward to joining you for those events that you can find on our www.facebook.com/rnrfunraising page. It would be great if you could LIKE that page.

We are wanting people to join in where possible in our activities and be part of something special together. Don’t worry, there are some tea rooms and pubs involved in the activities – it’s not all lycra and sweat based! 🙂  Here is the link to our Just Giving page where we would very much be grateful for any donations.

Have a great weekend everyone, whatever you get up to!

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