I feel so popular on Black Friday

I feel really popular today on Black Friday, I’m getting so many emails!

Imagine this if you can, some shops have kindly sent me the opportunity to buy things from them! Aren’t I so honoured to be chosen to be able to give them my money?

If I had more time available, I would reply to all of them individually and tell them how grateful I am to be considered for their offers and how it is good to hear from them.

Lots of emails received today on Black Friday
Lots of emails received today on Black Friday

Some of them clearly went out of their way to message me. I had emails arriving throughout the night at all kind of hours. Some even got my name right, though some did say Dear Sir/Madam, which must only have been because they were so tired emailing me at 3am. Poor souls.

I don’t know why people are calling it Black Friday, I’m positively cheered up by this extra communication surge. I’m sure we all like people getting in touch with us. Emails are a good way of sending good news to people. I’m so grateful.

Outlook has been busy recently!
Outlook has been busy recently!

Next week I am going to be writing back to each of the fast food outlets who have posted their menus through my door to thank them for ensuring that I have sufficient range of food to consider for my meals. I could have curry, pizza OR kebabs. Such choice, and they are all local telephone numbers too. How very thoughtful of them!

Some may call today Black Friday, but I am going to call it Mass Email Day, which shouldn’t be confused with the day you get an email from your local church about a service they would like you to attend.

Have a good day, folks!!

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