I dreamed a dream

In 2009, a lady walked on stage at a Britain’s Got Talent audition. That lady was Susan Boyle. People didn’t believe in her, they judged her before she showed her talents.

She believed. She knew what she could do. She also was grateful for the opportunity. She had the right mindset to set herself on the right path.

She sang, and boy, she sang well. The crowd and the judges listened. They knew they had made the wrong judgement. They knew they were witnessing and experiencing something special. They allowed themselves to believe their eyes and ears as to what was happening.

They were happy for her. They were with her. They were there too. What an amazing performance it was.

When someone believes in themselves and are given an opportunity, we shouldn’t be a blocker to that belief, we should support them and have faith in them.

When we help someone, we can be part of something life changing. Watching someone flourish and achieve their goals is an uplifting emotion and a joy to be part of.

Let’s be enablers and believe in each other. Let’s not doubt them, let us dream a dream come true with them and for them.

Susan Boyle went on to sell 20 million records and it all started when she believed in herself and was given an opportunity to shine.

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