I don’t want to go running in the cold

Winter running

I don’t want to go running in the cold

Winter running
Winter running

It is cold, the weather is significantly colder than it has been recently. But does that mean that training should stop? Does that mean that we can’t get out running? We have choices to make in life – let’s make it a positive choice.

Do you recognise this scenario?

  • I don’t want to go out
  • I want to sit in and veg out in front of TV instead
  • I see someone else has been for a run
  • It plays on my mind
  • I go for a run
  • I feel much better for doing so
It's cold out, run anyway!
It’s cold out, run anyway!

It is amazing how often seeing what someone else has done helps spur us on to do something ourselves. It may be the subliminal messaging inside us that makes us think that if they have been out that we should do too. It may be the trigger inside us that helps us realise that it isn’t TOO cold to go and run. It may be the kick up the backside we knew we needed anyway!

I am a firm believer in sharing information about running and when we have been for a run. This isn’t out of ‘Ooh look at me, aren’t I great?!’, it is about being part of a community and helping encourage other people into doing what they are possibly thinking of ducking out of doing.

Many a time, I have got out running because I have seen that a friend has gone out and done their run too. There are many a time when I haven’t as well! But I have always felt better for having done it than those times when I decided against it.

Cold running
Cold running

Next time you don’t feel like it, don’t just keep sitting there – get yourself out there and get moving. Every run is an investment, in your health, your fitness, your targets, and in yourself. Go for it!

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