Growth Development

Growth Development

Sometimes you can be too close to a business to see what needs doing next. Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. Sometimes having another pair of eyes look at the possibilities really helps.

My experience includes business management, business analysis, user research, digital skills, and technology utilisation. This puts me in a good position to be able to help advise about growth development opportunities on a consultancy basis.

Seeing where you are at with your business, community group, or sports club, is one thing, but taking those next steps sometimes needs more information or know-how as to what is possible, looking at techniques available, seeking solutions to problems and getting it delivered.

Costs are £20 per hour and that includes listening and understanding your current position, establishing your desired outcomes, and working with you to help you take the right action to grow and develop in the most efficient and effective way.

To get started with your Growth Development project, you need to get in touch. Don’t delay, get it done today!