Good running weather?

What weather conditions do you prefer for running in and what are your least favourites?

Again, about 30 respondants to this survey. Very mixed results again, so I’ve just listed all the good and all the bad, and a couple of different comments! All I can say is that if you are running when it’s cold wrap up warm, if it’s slippy be careful, and if it’s hot take water with you and keep hydrated.

Warm rain
mild cool air, light drizzle
cool and dry
no wind
cool dry no wind
freezing cold, windy and wet
warm with showers
freshly laid snow
sun and light rain
overcast with cool drizzle
falling snow
overcast and slight drizzle
drizzle or dry
hot sun
light drizzle
boring neutral meh weather
cloudy slightly cold ish but not too cold
slight drizzle to keep cool
sunny cool air and dry days
cool sunny days
refreshing rain
bright but chilly
sunny and clear skies but still a chill in air

dry humid no air
hot and humid
really hot
very cold
very hot and humid
heavy rain and wind
meh weather when its not anything interesting at all
hot hot hot
mad dog style wind
strong headwinds
high heat and humidity
strong winds
icy ground
ferriby style weather
brutally hot
horizontal hailstones ie ferriby
too hot
hail stinging exposed skin
no wind
wet days with headwind
really windy
mad dog weather
wind that takes breath away

snow makes it more interesting
And of course, the SRC micro climate is best!

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