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Interpretation and Miscommunication

I am someone who likes to be proud of the writing I produce. I like to feel that it reads pretty well. Whilst it is not perfect grammar all the time, it is generally of a high standard and easy to understand. I don’t understand the mindset of some people who believe it doesn’t matter at all if they don’t get it right, and that if you probably get what they mean then it is alright.

The reader should not have to try and interpret what the writer is trying to put across. The reader should have an easy experience in reading what has been prepared for them. When you prepare text for someone to read, either publishing it on social media or in a message or in formal correspondence, it should be of good enough standard so that the reader can process the communication without having to try and decipher what was meant by it.

Good enough? Or better? Or even best possible?
Good enough? Or better? Or even best possible?


Standards are very subjective. What is perfectly acceptable to one person can be wildly inappropriate to another. I believe that when you are preparing writing for business purposes,  you should put all your effort into getting the wording just right and so that your potential customer or client can understand what you are saying to them without the need for interpretation and potential miscommunication of messages.

Some people are of the viewpoint that if the customer gets the general gist of the communication then that will do. Plenty of customers may look elsewhere if they see the lack of attention to detail in their written documents. Are you willing to take that risk? A big risk when there are proofreaders available to check through your important advertising material and business documentation for you. Are you better off mitigating that risk by getting a trained pair of eyes to help out?

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