Four years of blogging

Four years on!

I wrote my first blog post four years ago. I had started up a site called Run Rich Run where I wrote about running, getting started running and motivational posts for ‘non-runners’ wanting to get started with shuffling, plodding, ambling or even running.

In that time, the following has occurred:

  • I have written nearly a hundred posts.
  • I moved my Run Rich Run posts under a new banner of my own eponymous website RichardLord.Online as I started to cover more topics and subjects.
  • I released my first ebook ‘How A Fat Sweaty Santa Became A Marathon Runner’. You can buy it here.
  • I have had articles featured in Run ABC North twice. You can read them here.
  • I have had an article featured on the Run Leeds website. You can read it here.
  • I have ran a number of challenges, notably the Be A Winner In Winter challenge that ran in the winter months of 2016. I had over 50 participants and we raised a total of £450 for charity through this.
  • I have covered over 4000 miles of running in that time. Some fast, some medium paced for my ability, and some slow. They are all miles, they all count. Social running is important when you get time to spend valuable time with friends chatting on your run.
Four years

Four years!

Next steps for my blogging?

Who knows where life takes us? What I do know is that I will keep writing, I will keep tweeting, I will keep posting Instagram pictures, I will keep on posting silly jokes, I will keep on asking questions about things that don’t seem right to me. I will keep trying to stay impartial and look for resolutions rather than arguments. I will look to see what technological changes are coming ahead or have already happened and see where I need to connect with those.

It won’t be more of the same. It will be more of better. You don’t get anywhere by standing still, you only move forwards by keeping trying, keeping focused and keeping at it.

My favourite posts over the last four years?

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