Five tips for running by Rich Lord and Mo Farah.

I’ve just watched a video of Mo Farah’s five tips for running. Mo Farah’s tips are here.

This made me think of what my five tips would be. Here they are:

1) Get to race day rested and refreshed.
2) Be comfortable in your running gear
3) Find a space to run in
4) Save some fuel in the tank for the last 2k
5) Keep your head up and enjoy the occasion.

You won’t run as well if you go too hard in training the week before so drop your mileage back and make important use of your rest days. Tapering for even a 10k isn’t a bad idea.

Move over Mo Farah!

Move over Mo Farah!

Having the confidence that you have run in your running clothes and running shoes before will reduce the anxieties on race day. You know your clothes fit fine, you know your shoes don’t rub, you know you can run well in them. New gear brings in the possibility ofΒ  new fear!

Don’t get boxed in, have some clear space in front of you. Find some space where you can run the line you want and pre-empt obstacles – walkers, bottles, bollards, etc.. This is your race, don’t let lack of space reduce your effectiveness.

The age old issue of going out too hard is something hard to fight against. Your race is your race, the speed of other people does not matter. Your energy usage and levels is individual to you. If you leave some energy in the tank for the last 20-25% of the race then you can finish strong, overtake others who shot out at the start, and push yourself when you need it most.

Keeping your head up helps in several ways, breathing is more efficient, vision is improved, mind and spirit aligned encouraging positivity. More importantly though, the photographers can see you better too! πŸ™‚ You can see the supporters, you can see the sights of the race and see what racing line you need to take.

Most of all, enjoy it!

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