Finding your niche

Writing a blog article

I have been blogging for nearly five years. Most of this has been just writing about what is on my mind at the time. Some of it has coincided with events that I was doing at the time or through things I was getting involved with. The commonality was me and my life. This could be interesting (or not) if you know me and can relate to the things I am talking about. It does make it harder though to grow my audience for my writing beyond my social circle and friends of those people. It isn’t easy to get or keep people’s attention if they don’t know you or can relate to the topics of discussion.

Attracting people to a topic

I read this week that if you write about a topic you will be more likely to attract people interested in that topic. That makes sense of course. They then may be interested to read more about what you have written. If you have written about hockey for example and they are a hockey fan, they would look for what else you have written about hockey. If you had only written one piece about hockey, they are more likely to drift off and find someone else to read more about hockey. If you had written more pieces on their topic of choice, they are more likely to consume more of my work.

Writing a blog article
Writing a blog article

Until someone is really well known, readers aren’t going to be as interested in their day to day life if they don’t know them. On the other end of the spectrum, if someone is a friend or acquaintance already, they are more likely to know more about your day to day life already. With smaller content creators using social media channels to publish or transmit their day to day life, that is an area where your connections already know about mostly. You have their attention already and you aren’t going to attract a wider audience if you aren’t well known enough to be interesting enough yet.

For someone who wants to write, and wants to get out to a wider audience, decisions need to be made. You either have to write more on certain topics to draw in more people who are interested in that topic, or you to accept that your reach isn’t going to grow much. This is where finding a niche comes in.

Find a niche
Find a niche

Finding a niche

  • What is the topic that interests you the most?
  • What is the area where you want to be known as having something to say?
  • What floats your boat enough to write MORE about that topic?
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • Could moving from being a generalist to being a specialist benefit your reach and get you in front of a wider audience?

These are five questions that can help define your choices going forwards.

Next steps

This doesn’t mean don’t write about the other day to day topics any more. It doesn’t mean stop writing! It means that you can have more of a refined approach as to how you write and where your work gets displayed.

For me, I have decided to write more about the following two topics:

  1. Inspiration and Motivation
  2. My Journey

These are going to be my niche areas where I will write more on these topics.

When I write about Inspiration and Motivation, I want to be able to help others and for them to gain strength and courage to make changes and to have that belief in themselves to grow and develop as people.

When I write about My Journey, it will be focused more on what I am learning, what decisions I take, what setbacks and successes I have rather than ‘today I did this’. My aim is that through this open and honest approach to how I get on, I can help myself learn, keep myself accountable, and maybe even help others with similar journeys one day.

If I choose to keep writing about other topics, I will post those on a less frequent basis and not as ‘front and centre’ as my chosen niche areas.

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