Do you know your ‘friends’?

How well do you think you know your friends / contacts on social media?

It is an interesting question. We only see what the social media companies put in front of our eyes. What about if someone hasn’t posted for a while? Do people slip off our radar? Is that up to them to let us know how they are then? Where is our responsibility in the friendship?

I’ve come up with a number of questions that made me think that there are probably very few people that we can answer fully to these questions. They may make you think about your acquaintances, contacts and friends. Have a read of them here and see what you think.

Friendship is fun, don't lose sight of that.

Friendship is fun, don’t lose sight of that.


  • Do you know what month their birthday is if it doesn’t pop up online?
  • Do you know what town or part of town they live in?
  • Do you know where they work?
  • Do you know what they do there?
  • Do you know what that means?
  • When was the last time you contacted that person one to one?
  • When was the last time you spoke to that person (non-digitally / offline)?
  • When was the last time you contacted them out of the blue?
  • Do you know what music they like?
  • Do you know what their favourite film is?
  • Do you know the names of their children / pets?
  • Do you know the ages of their children?
  • Do you know what their interests are?
  • Do you know what they do and don’t like to eat?
  • Do you know whether they are happy or sad right now?
  • Do you know what they want most in their life?
  • Do you know what you could do to help them?
  • Do you want to have time for them?
  • Do they know that you want to have time for them?
  • When was the last time you paid any interest in their life?

Paying an interest in others

Being there for people is important. Being a contact of someone is one thing, but being a friend for them is something more. Paying an interest in what goes on in someone’s life is what separates us from lesser beings. We spend so much time in our lives scrolling past what people are saying, what people are showing us, we aren’t paying much attention to those who aren’t saying anything. We aren’t paying much attention to those who want to be heard but don’t know where to start or think that no one wants to listen.

Being a friend, be it a Facebook friend, Twitter follower, Instagram follower, or whatever, means taking time to get in touch with people and making contact with them, listening to them, chatting, and being aware of what they have going on. This will enable us to be a better friend to them, and to help them too.

Being a contact means occasionally making contact. Once you make contact with someone online, don’t let that be the last contact you have with them. Try and make time to keep in contact and add value to the relationship.

It's good to talk!

It’s good to talk!

What you / we can do

If you want to show you are a friend, or show someone that you are interested in being more than a number of contacts, why not try and be there for someone sometime soon.

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