The direction of travel for tech companies is not good for you or I

Who rules the tech roost right now?

The biggest companies in the world now are all tech companies: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook


They between them know pretty much everything about most people. They know what you want. They know where you are. They know who you know. They know what you buy online.


Think back to 2008. Our data (information about us) wasn’t collected in such a grand scale. We communicated with who we wanted but not everyone knew about it. We bought from shops and had more choice. We were more in control of our lives.


Imagine forward to 2028. Large companies have harvested so much data about us, our habits, our connections, our modus operandi (the way we do we things), and they are going to use that information to suit them while dressing it up as suiting us. We have handed over the control of our data on the whole because it suits us at the time. How many people then review whether what they are getting in return still sits fine with them? They see the benefits, but do they see the negatives? What about the direction of travel?

Direction  of travel

We can worry about the way the world of technology is going all we like, but it is up to us to review what we are happy with individually. Too many people are like sheep and just go along with things because that is what everyone does. Is it what is right for you? Are you as an individual happy with the way things are going?

Who controls what you do? Who controls the influences that makes you make decisions? Who is the one who owns and is ultimately responsible for the safety and security of your information? Have you read any of the terms and conditions from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon or Facebook? No, probably no one you know has. That leaves people very wide open to change affecting them that they aren’t happy with. Incremental changes were so small that you won’t have noticed the difference between 2008 and 2018 month by month.

What is the level of control that you are happy with other people having with your information – photos, contact lists, location details, shopping habits, likes and dislikes, emotions, and much more. We have big choices ahead as to what we want to accept from these big companies. Or we will just be swept along with it all and we will soon be in 2018 reminiscing on how much simpler life was back in the day.


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