Digital Utilisation

Digital Utilisation

Using technology for community groups or sports teams isn’t just using social media. It is about using the best tools to keep people updated with what is happening, what the backlog of work is, and to keep tabs of progress against the timescales involved.

It is very easy for tasks to be left for ‘that person’ to do, but that leaves a large risk that if that person isn’t around, the task may not get done. If that person gets disenfranchised, the task won’t get done. Being aware of what is done, what is not done, and who can pick up extra work or who needs help – these are all areas that can benefit from improved digital utilisation.

By knowing what the tasks are and the people available to do the work, you can see what platforms, packages, apps, and tech solutions are required to ease your burden and keep a closer eye on what needs to be delivered.

Costs are £20 per hour on a consultancy basis to help you design your digital utilisation plan and to show you all the tools that you need to get to be more efficient and effective whilst not losing track of time and project deadlines.

To get started with your Digital Utilisation planning, you need to get in touch. Don’t delay, get it done today!