Customer Experience Review

Customer Experience Review

Your customers are important. How often do you find out what they think? Do you rely on them returning? Are they grumbling in the background and not having their voices heard? If some of them didn’t return, would you notice? Would they notice that you’d noticed? Retaining customers and keeping members is crucial for continuity and creates a platform for growth. You can’t grow if you are slipping backwards!

How do you listen to your customers? What feedback do you already receive but don’t act on? What is your tone when people ask questions or pass comment? They could hold the answer that you are looking for. They could have skills and time that they want to contribute but need to be asked or persuaded.

I can provide you with some independent feedback from your customers. I can work with you to hear what they think. I can be that bridge between you and them to try and bring you together. You may think that you know your customers and what they think. What they say to someone independently anonymously may open up a wider range of responses.

Costs are £20 per hour on a consultancy basis to help you receive responses to questions on their customer experience, finding out about their needs, wants and suggestions, and to seek feedback on the performance and delivery of what you think you are providing, and what they think you are delivering.

Some may think that is a lot of money just to ask some questions, but it is knowing the right questions and being the right person to get the customer or potential customers to open up and feedback what they think you need to know, rather than what you think you already know.

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