What I learnt from ‘resetting’ my social media approach In light of all the recent media stories about Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, apps, shared data, and the extent that information given to social media companies gets used, I decided to hold an audit as to how I

I am changing the way I see social media. How we handle the data that we offer into the open world and commercial business is important. The choices we make need to be measured, thought out, and smart. Many choose to be totally open about everything

Reading the @facebook timeline at the moment is like reading the paper copy of a regional newspaper. Everything seems to be from three or four days ago! #facebooktimeline — Richard Lord Online (@RichardLord_OL) January 17, 2018

Who rules the tech roost right now? The biggest companies in the world now are all tech companies: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook 2018 They between them know pretty much everything about most people. They know what you want. They know where you are. They know who you know.

[caption id="attachment_1981" align="alignnone" width="300"] iPhone notifications[/caption] Urgent notification! How many times in an average day do I look at my phone because there has been a notification about an email? Is it an important email? Does it need some action there and then? Is it a marketing email, or an

You've got junk Electronic mail When personal computers first came out to the mass market, one of the advantages that was sold to us was email. Electronic mail – you can send letters and messages to other people electronically instead of via Royal Mail. This was seen

Do you know how your Facebook timeline is constructed? Did you know the Facebook timeline is not as straight forward as you may think? You may think that the timeline you see when you open Facebook either via your web browser or through your Facebook app

I feel really popular today on Black Friday, I'm getting so many emails! Imagine this if you can, some shops have kindly sent me the opportunity to buy things from them! Aren't I so honoured to be chosen to be able to give them my