What a year for the England men's football team England's players are returning home now. Disappointed, and mindful of how close they got to their ultimate goal. But they should be lifted by how much they have grown, how far they have gone to beat demons

The NHS at 70 years old I have worked in and for the NHS for the best part of 14 years now. Some of it has been on the front line being there for patients and relatives during the Out Of Hours period of evenings, nights

Why I am doing this marathon? Having been massively impressed and influenced by marathon running friends and those around me recently, and having experienced race days a bit more recently, it has got me thinking about what was possible and achievable for me again with some

2017 Running Achievements In a year where I thought I hadn't achieved too much due to lack of running, I have surprised myself in certain areas. 514.25 miles (100 runs) in 2017 (1.41 miles/day) 9 races – 88.99 race miles – 4 medals 5 PBs – 9 miles (Norton

Still a runner? Three times marathon runner, twenty half marathons under my belt and still I am finding running a struggle at times. Can you fall out of still 'being a runner’? Have I lost it? That is where I feel I am now. Winter is a

In November 2016, I wrote and self-published my first ebook 'How A Fat Sweaty Santa Became A Marathon Runner'. It documents the journey from being a non-runner to 20 months later running my first ever marathon. It is an enjoyable short story that goes through what

Keep on running! Tomorrow will be my 86th race since I started running nearly five years ago. I may only have averaged 7 miles a week since completing the Manchester marathon in April, which isn’t the best training plan, I am definitely looking forward to taking part

In 2016, I wrote my first e-book and made it available to buy online. I’ve had heartwarming feedback from readers of it and I am pleased with the responses I have received from it. The e-book is called ‘How A Fat Sweaty Santa Became A Marathon