One more marathon!

May 24, 2018 Richard Lord 0

Why I am doing this marathon? Having been massively impressed and influenced by marathon running friends and those around me recently, and having experienced race days a bit more recently, it has got me thinking […]

Four years of blogging

February 26, 2018 Richard Lord 0

Four years on! I wrote my first blog post four years ago. I had started up a site called Run Rich Run where I wrote about running, getting started running and motivational posts for ‘non-runners’ wanting […]

2017 Running Achievements

December 31, 2017 Richard Lord 0

2017 Running Achievements In a year where I thought I hadn’t achieved too much due to lack of running, I have surprised myself in certain areas. 514.25 miles (100 runs) in 2017 (1.41 miles/day) 9 […]

Follow Richard Lord Online on Twitter

December 29, 2017 Richard Lord 0

Twitter You can find us on Twitter and find out all the latest news from Richard Lord Online, be it from the blog articles or about the website building –  all in one place – […]

Look up

October 17, 2017 Richard Lord 0

Look up from your phone. Look at what is around you. Look away from your computer screen. Look at what is in your view. Look away from your technology. Look at what else there is […]

2016 Running Achievements

December 31, 2016 Richard Lord 0

2016 Raised £400.50 for Laila Milly Foundation through organising and taking part in the Be A Winner In Winter challenge that 50 people took part as they set their running targets for January to March. Summary – […]

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