Can you fall out of ‘being a runner’?

Still a runner?

Three times marathon runner, twenty half marathons under my belt and still I am finding running a struggle at times. Can you fall out of still ‘being a runner’? Have I lost it?

That is where I feel I am now. Winter is a tough time for outdoor activities, especially if your day job is desk based. You get used to the comforts of a warm office. You get complacent that you don’t need to walk as much during the day as ‘you’re a runner and you’ll just knock out a 5k later that evening’. You get a shock when you go outside and vow not to go out again that evening unless it is urgent.

Running in winter
Running in winter

But it is cold outside!

I really feel for those who have to spend all day or most of it outdoors. I’m not hardy enough to even contemplate that, let alone do it day after day. I would take my hat off to them if I wasn’t so much of a wuss that I am too cold to take my hat off!
Winter running isn't easy!
Winter running isn’t easy!

Running is an exercise that needs regularity and consistency. Running requires a drive and a spirit inside you to go out no matter what. I had that, I had it in abundance once.

It is very easy to fall out of any routine. It is easy to let things get in the way of difficult tasks. It is far too easy to not get up and not go out for a run. So easy that anyone can do that. Most do!

What I need to do is to find that regularity back and to reintroduce a disciplined mindset at the start of a week that these three days of the week are my run days, these two are my gym days and these two are my rest days.

What I believe

I believe you can fall out of ‘still being a runner’. I do believe more so though that a runner can bring it back again though. That spirit, that drive and that energy may rest and be inactive but it is always possible to deploy the jump leads and bring the runner back to life again.

If you are in this space, set yourself a time to plan your week and don’t let yourself be talked out of sticking to the plan that works for you.

You can do it. I can do it. Let’s ALL do it!

You CAN do it, so just DO IT!
You CAN do it, so just DO IT!

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