Brexit and the big mess the country is in.


Evening everyone. Today’s video is about what has been happening in Brexit for the week. Trying to keep it fairly neutral so it doesn’t matter if you are one side or the other side so hopefully there is something in this for you so this is my catch-up as to where I see it all. What a week it has been. Theresa May presented her deal to Parliament earlier in the week. It didn’t go down very well. They weren’t really interested in it. So she lost by over 200 votes, which is a lot. The most in history apparently, that a Prime Minister has been voted down on something by Parliament. So that’s a lot.

Straight afterwards, the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn decided that they have no confidence in the Government. Which is a bit of a surprise for the Opposition to not like what the Government are doing. It is kind of what their job is, but there you are. So they said ‘We don’t think, even though you have got the majority including the DUP. We don’t think the Government are doing a good job.’ So what happened next day? There was a Confidence vote and they pulled in all the favours from the DUP, the Conservatives, and she, Theresa May, won her Confidence vote. So Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party lost.

So they are now saying ‘your deal is not good enough, but you have enough people behind you to keep your job, but now you need to work out what’s happening next.’ So they have got until Monday to come up with a new deal and they are now trying to talk amongst themselves about what is happening and not happening, who isn’t talking and who is talking. And who is talking about one thing, and who is talking about another thing. So all this comes down to is that none of them know what they really want. They have an idea that they want something and they know more about what they don’t want than what they actually do want.

They have a few days to work out what they want to do next, the Conservatives and then the others are going to say ‘no, we still don’t like that, that’s not good enough. We don’t know what we do want, so we are looking at saying we know we don’t want to do this which is the No Deal Brexit, but they also say ‘Let’s go and ask the people again because they may say remain so we don’t have to bother with all this in the first place. Even though we have gone through the bother in the first place for the last two and a half years. But they say that the People’s Vote may say something else. Nobody is actually saying what this vote is going to say. They don’t say what the question is. They just say ‘Let’s ask the people again!’ Let’s ask them, even though they were asked two and half years ago. Those who are saying ask are hoping the question will be ‘Can we get out of all this?! We don’t like this! It’s not working! Don’t like it! Can we do something else instead?’

So there is a lot of querying going on about how they are going to get out of this mess. Every single party has got their own view about how it is not wanted to be done, but they have got no view, any of them, about how they do want to do it to make sure the referendum from last time round is respected – the view of that or whether they want to do something different that goes against that. It’s a big mess at the moment so who knows which way it is going forward. At the moment, there’s lots of people talking and lots of people not talking and it’s a big mess and we are no further forward.

If you ask me is Brexit going to happen on March 29th? I would, at the moment, say I don’t think then. I think it will happen sometime but I don’t know when. I don’t know who is going to be the leader by then. They all seem to want to do it but not want to do it and it’s a bit hit and miss as to what is going to happen. So I think it is a case of Brexit is continuing. We don’t know how it is happening, if it is happening, or when it is going to happen.

But it is one of those ongoing things that Parliament can’t sort out and they are eventually probably going to have to come to the people and say ‘We don’t know what’s happening! So can you give us a different answer or can we do something else instead?! Can we water it down? Can we do something different? Did we want it in the first place?’ I suspect there is going to be a lot of problems in the country going forwards in the next six months or so. So, watch this space! Byeee!

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