An A to Z of being a good egg!

An A-Z of being a good egg!

It’s a strange phrase, isn’t it? They are a good egg! In this article, I have tried to sum up what constitutes the features of someone who is a good egg. Do you recognise someone who has these qualities? Let them know, it will make them happy, I’m sure!

Enjoy reading these, and see whether you agree with them. Please excuse the poetic licence exercised with some of the letters!

A Good Egg

A Good Egg

Qualities that make a good egg

  • Accepting – Someone who takes us as we are, and sees the good over everything.
  • Believing – Someone who believes in you, your potential and supports you in your goals. 
  • Celebrating – Someone who celebrates good things that happens in your life, someone who is genuinely pleased for you and doesn’t mind showing it. 
  • Dreams – Someone who can see the possibilities and the nice to haves in life, while is still aware of where you are.
  • Enjoyment – Someone who you can enjoy talking to, spending time with, and sharing experiences with. 
  • Fulfilment – Someone who can make you feel fulfilled and warm inside through their nature. 
  • Generosity – Someone who will give without thinking about what they get back. This is about time, gestures, compliments as well as the more material generosity, this is about having a generous spirit. 
  • Honesty – Someone who will help you see things you may not be able to see for yourself, but having the tact and diplomacy to help work through things together. Not just ‘saying what you see’ as that’s not kind. 
  • Incisive – Someone who is incisive and gets things done. If they say they are going to do something for you, they get it done. 
  • Justice – Someone who knows what is right and wrong, and seeks the right way more often than most! 
  • Knowledge – Someone who wants to know you, and wants you to know them too. Questions and conversations are two ways, that’s how we grow. 
  • Loving – Someone who shows love and care in their actions, in their personality and in their behaviours. 
  • Being Mindful – Someone who is mindful of the difficulties and weaknesses someone has will help you work through things or make allowances in difficult times. 
  • Nice to others – Someone who is nice to others, rather than just who they are most comfortable with. 
  • Open – Someone who doesn’t have a hidden agenda or have ulterior motives when talking to people. 
  • Passionate – Someone who enjoys a hobby or an interest. Someone who visibly has a spark of life about them. 
  • Querying wrongdoing – Someone who will question when things aren’t right. They won’t just put up with something, they will try and do something about it, or inform relevant bodies to interact.
  • Reasonable – Someone who is calm and reasoned. They think on the basis of what they know and understand. They don’t jump to conclusions. 
  • Sharing – Someone who shares happy times and sad times with you. Someone who involves you in what they are going through and who you feel totally open about sharing with them with complete trust.
  • Trusted – Someone who is trusted and respected by people, and totally trusted by you especially.
  • Understanding – Someone who even when they don’t get what you are on about, try their very best to understand! This is a trait more important than getting it in the first place, but willing to listen to understand what is happening.
  • Visionary – Someone who can not just see where you are now, but has the sight to be able to see where you could be in the future, and the belief in you to show you that you can achieve it.
  • Wise decisions – Someone who knows what is right for you, not just what is the worldly view of what is materially better.
  • Not Xenophobic – Someone who sees people for their personality and their behaviours, rather than where they just happen to have been born.
  • Yearning improvement – Someone who isn’t going to just settle for the easiest option, but someone who will strive for improvement.
  • Zest for life – ​Someone who has a spark about them, they have a passion for living life to the full. They want to experience things and see the wonderful sights that life has to offer those who open their eyes and minds to see them. ​
Don't wait until they are gone to tell them

Don’t wait until they are gone to tell them

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