What are protest marches? A protest march is a type of protest or demonstration that generally involves a group of people walking from an assembly

What a year for the England men's football team England's players are returning home now. Disappointed, and mindful of how close

Warmer than usual I work in an office. I get there by going by car and by train. At the moment,

The NHS at 70 years old I have worked in and for the NHS for the best part of 14 years

What I learnt from ‘resetting’ my social media approach In light of all the recent media stories about Facebook, Cambridge Analytica,

Why I am doing this marathon? Having been massively impressed and influenced by marathon running friends and those around me recently,

I am changing the way I see social media. How we handle the data that we offer into the open world

Four years on! I wrote my first blog post four years ago. I had started up a site called Run Rich Run

Can you be a politician with religious or personal beliefs? The former leader of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron resigned due

What makes a good manager? What makes a bad manager? Many managers are very busy. Many managers have a lot to

Our identity as a person is very often linked closely to our job title. This is Miss Jones, she is a

Reading the @facebook timeline at the moment is like reading the paper copy of a regional newspaper. Everything seems to