Are you in the ‘New Year, New You’ group or the ‘I’m alright as I am’ group?

Happy New Year – 2019

As we start a new year, there are always lots of posts and proclamations of friends and contacts being all positive and stating what they are going to be doing differently from here onwards. There is a good sense of belief, hope and purpose from them. They want to start the year off well. They are hopeful of making changes to their lives.

There are others who say that they don’t believe in all that. I’ve seen a number of reasons why for this. Some say they don’t need a new year to start to make any changes they make. Others say that they find the time of year hard enough without extra challenges in place. Some say that that they are happy as they are.

Positivity and support

Personally, I support positivity and welcome it wherever possible. I am more the glass half full than a glass half empty. What is in that glass is up to you if you are doing Dry January! If someone is aspirational and wanting to make a change – great! Let’s support them as friends of theirs. Let’s give them the opportunities it takes to keep going after their goals. Self-improvement and development is a great and wondrous thing to work towards. It is easier if others around us are of the same mindset, or at least supportive of our own desire for this.

For those who don’t want to make any changes in the new year, then that is fine. You are also right, that YOU may not need a new year to start to make changes. Your friend may need to, or choose to take the opportunity to do so. For those who find the time of year hard enough without extra challenge, then that is fine. You need to do what is right for you, but others may be buoyed by the belief that they can achieve something further. For those who are happy as they are, that is great news! You may not feel the need or inclination to do something different, but your friend is lifted by a wave of optimism and belief that we really should do what we can to help support them.

I wish you well

Whether you are in the ‘I’m alright as I am’ or the ‘New Year, New You’ group, I wish you well. We should look at both groups with positivity and support. We would want the same from those around us if we wanted to make changes, so let’s make it our goal to be supportive and enthusiastic for development even if we aren’t making any other changes ourselves.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you have a year of happiness, whether it takes growth to get there or whether you are already there.

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