I think that we can all get something out of sayings at some time of our lives. I have a couple of favourite sayings that I have come up with work well for me.

Smiles through the miles

I came up with this phrase whilst I was running. I am generally a smiley person at the best of times, but when I am doing an activity that I believe in and have an enthusiasm for, then even more so. I don’t always work my hardest when I am running. I don’t think it is good for you to work hard all the time for a year round sport.

Sometimes you need to have some fun and to enjoy yourself, and choose the time to put the effort in. Not every training run needs to be at full pelt. Not every parkrun needs to be chasing down a PB. You can enjoy the environment and the atmosphere when you choose to.

There are times when my focus is on my performance, or when I am training for a particular race, and that is when I can be a bit more serious about my running then. It doesn’t mean that I can’t acknowledge others around me though, and share a moment with people who are there at the same time too.

I almost see it as a responsibility that we all have to try to do what we can to make each other happy. We should be able to share a joke or to be there for someone. We should also remember that we have a great opportunity to ‘enjoy our energy’ whilst exercising. Not everyone has the good fortune to be doing what we are doing. Let’s enjoy our time running.

A happy runner is one who is making the most of their surroundings – be it the people around them, the scenery, the weather, or just the opportunity to do something you like doing.

Smiles through the miles is a reminder to all that we should be happy we have the opportunity to do what we do. We should be appreciative of this and for those around us too.

Believe, achieve, inspire

This saying is one that I came up with as a reminder that to achieve you first need to believe in yourself and that when you then go on to achieve, you don’t just achieve for yourself, but you inspire others to believe for themselves too.

One example of this is that if I have gone out for a run and it isn’t a very nice day or not best running conditions, by me going out and doing it, someone else may feel like going out and doing a run too. Through my run, someone may think ‘If Rich has gone out and gone for a run, then I can do it too!’ If someone feels motivated through your actions, you too can build on your initial belief and then feel greater motivation in that your actions are helping inspire others to achieve too.

One person’s actions aren’t just good for that one person. They are good for those who are also inspired by what they do too. Any achievement is not possible without them first believing that it was possible. You wouldn’t set out to do something if you thought you had zero chance to obtain it.

Inspiration comes in many forms. I have seen top class athletes and been inspired by their determination and commitment. I have seen runners start out on a couch to 5k programme and been equally inspired by them. Their achievements are equally as impressive to me. Anyone who does something new or starts out in a new activity are inspiring. By sticking to it, they are inspiring others. By having their own belief to achieve, they will end up inspiring others, and even themselves.