June 4th – Happy Running Day!

Running has given me a new lease of life, it’s really invigorated me and given me the energy to do more. It has taken me places I wouldn’t have gone before to run with thousands of like minded people. It’s shown me there are reasons to get up at the weekend before lunchtime. It’s got me into a fantastic community of like minded idiots. It has allowed me to challenge myself to see what I could achieve.

Health wise, I’ve gone from a messy slob to a messy more healthy person ha! My health conditions I have are improving due to the running and hard work I put in. It has helped me move into a new way of living. It ain’t easy, it’s hard work, I’ve lost some old friends as lifestyles changed, I’ve got closer to some non-running friends though too. I’ve gained some new friends who know me inside out and care a great deal for me. Running creates a sense of freedom, an element of escapism, a big dollop of excitement and a way of life I never thought I could be part of.

Some folk aren’t physically capable of running, some folk have conditions where they can’t do what runners do. We are lucky, we are fortunate, we are doing something amazing and we should be grateful for the opportunity of doing it. It’s not about who’s faster, who’s fitter, who can do further or anything. Be grateful of what opportunity we have.

Happy national running day everyone!

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