10 things I have learnt from marathon training this year

This summer has been a transformational time for me as I have been going from not being up to running a marathon to getting myself as ready as possible to run another marathon.

Learning on the go

I have been keeping a weekly journal with my progress and thoughts along the way and making notes of key things that I have learnt. These tips aren’t just applicable to running, but to many other different aspects of life too.

What have you learned?

What have you learned?

10 key things

Here are these 10 key things I have learnt so far this summer:

1 – Break down perceptions that something or part of a course is too hard. Invariably it isn’t, you just need to work harder!

2 – Rocky Balboa never settled for being on the ropes, he launched himself into the next attack!

3 – Rest is an investment if used properly.

4 – If it wasn’t nice or pretty but you got the job done, tick the box and move on.

5 – Making mistakes, if indeed they are mistakes, is one thing, but learning from them is what turns them into better experiences in the future.

6 – If you can’t look back and review the lows in your performance, then you shouldn’t enjoy the highs when you review those also.

7 – It is key to get the most useful bit of analysis out of a run – perspective!

8 – Learning to break down a course into sections is essential so not to get mindblown by the enormity of the task in hand!

9 – No one has all the answers, most of us are just doing the best we can along the way.

10 – Stretch often, hydrate sensibly, don’t forget to believe in yourself.

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