Lead people to grow, don’t drive them away!

I’m the manager. This is what’s happening.

There are managers who think they are leaders just due to their rank or title but don’t evidence this in their day to day relationships.

Sometimes they don’t value or respect those underneath them and this shows in how they speak to them – sometimes verbally, sometimes written.

By not allowing the skills of their team to be brought to the front, this further reduces the possible impact of the team and drives a bigger wedge between the layers in a team.

By sidelining enthusiasm and capability, through pushing their own poorly advised approach, they are more than just getting a poor output. They are zapping all motivation and enthusiasm of those around them for them to make their mark.

There are different ways to be a leader
There are different ways to be a leader

Well who else is doing anything?

There are also people who would see themselves as leaders because they do things others in a group don’t.

Sometimes those things haven’t been discussed sufficiently to see if there is an actual need or whether it just meets their own agenda and desires.

A poorly thought out idea has the possibility of compromising generally accepted standards or values of a group. Those values or standards are often held in high regard by groups, including those less vocally forward.

Leadership and being in charge
Leadership and being in charge

The effects of these approaches

Getting a team’s buy in to direction and a vision is vital. Management of people includes knowing and caring where team members are at with regard to happiness and whether they understand and support the reason for the direction.

It could be that this team member has a lot of experience not currently being utilised or has ideas to develop and grow the vision for the team. By not considering or being interested in their views reduces the potential effectiveness of the team and reduces the buy-in of the team.

Pushing good workers and talents away

When people walk over others and just do what they want rather than enable a team to grow together, this pushes away more talent than they have collectively in their inner circle.

Getting the best of a team is a essential management attribute.

Getting the best out of working relationships enables further growth and stretches the possibilities of what can be delivered or achieved.

Getting the best out of yourself allows others to ride that wave. They self reflect to enable growth of others. That is one way that leaders are different to managers.

What leadership is

  • Leadership is about developing more than just your own prospects.
  • Leadership is about more than delivering your own desires.
  • Leadership is about enabling.
  • Leadership is about collaboration.
  • Leadership is about instilling belief and hope.
  • Leadership is about bringing a team along with you with their support.
  • Leadership isn’t about disrespecting people and being the loudest voice in a room.
  • Leadership isn’t just being the decision maker.
  • Leadership isn’t just being a senior rank or title.
  • Leadership isn’t just doing things you think need doing because no-one else has.
  • Leadership is being a leader and bringing your team or group with you.
  • Leadership is being a leader and asking their team their views.
  • Leadership is listening and knowing what values to live out.
  • Leadership is listening.
Leadership and titles
Leadership and titles
People ask the difference between a leader and a boss.
A leader LEADS and a boss DRIVES. (Theodore Roosevelt)

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