Hope – a small word but a powerful one

Hope is a small word but with a powerful action behind it. 


By giving someone hope, you give them belief. By giving someone hope, you’re giving them support. By giving someone hope, you’re giving them an opportunity. 

Hope can be the wind beneath your wings


If someone gave me belief, support and opportunity, I would be armed to the teeth with determination to achieve whatever I was aiming for. 


Hope is important. We all need hope. We all need something to spur us on. We are enthused by hope. We get excited by hope. We can bounce out of whatever may be getting us down through hope. Hope does this to us.


Having hope is a wonderful thing. Hope is even better when it is given or instilled in someone else. To be able to light a spark in them, to inspire a change, to inspire a growth, to inspire fresh enthusiasm, that is a great feeling that is possible for all of us to pass on. 


Hope is a small word, but it isn’t a feeble word. It has the power of change in it. It has the power of development in it. It has the power of belief in it. It IS power! 


I hope you can find someone to share some hope with. As you help them, it will also give you renewed hope too. This is the life-giving spirit that hope contains.  


Give it a try. All you need to do is hope for the best – the best in you and the best in others. Hope does the rest.

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