Create your scrapbook of awesome memories

A memory book of good times

We all need a lift every now and again. Sometimes we just are in a lull or have a few things going on in our lives where our focus is distracted. We still need to look after ourselves and need to lift our spirits.

They say that we have it in all of us to be able to conjure up sufficient feel good factor to help us handle many, if not all scenarios. Sometimes how we do that is hard to figure out. It’s not easy to go from the bottom of the valley to the top of the hills.

Your own go-to memory bank of fab times

One tip that I have done up with is to create your scrapbook of awesome memories – a memory book of good times. This could be a physical scrap book or a digital version containing significant memories, photographs, songs or videos, momentos of favourite places and holidays.

Memories can drive us forwards
Memories can drive us forwards

This is something that you could create by going back through your life stages – early childhood, school days, college, first job, first foreign holiday, etc and then include friends who have been around a long time, memories of things you remember them saying that made you laugh uncontrollably, or other fab things like that.

This is your momento. You don’t need to share it with anyone. It’s your ‘happiness reboot’ book where you can turn to it and think of those fab times and help build up those inner smiles that help build our foundation to deal with every day things.

Your future memories still to come

A further tip is to leave some pages empty at the end of the book. You can then keep adding to it and increase your happy bank more and more.

Your own happy bank
Your own happy bank

Good luck with this if you plan to do this. It is important to look back and remember the good memories from our past. Often thoughts of those times can help inspire the great memories you still have to come.

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